new baroque rider silver pendant


This silver pendant is a striking combination of modern and antique, classical and casual, delicate and bold. In the center we see one of the earliest and most influential dressage masters, François De La Guérinière, mounted on a horse. His book, “The School of Horsemanship”, was published in 1733 and has influenced the development of dressage immensely over the past 300 years, with its focus on exercises to improve balance and suppleness, and a progressive training system that favors rewards over punishment. de La Guérinière is rendered lightly. The setting is more bold, with six bezel-set glass cabuchons arching over the rider, and a modern bail and reverse side. To order a chain to go with this pendant, select from the options below or go to our Sterling Chains section for more variety. Pendant is shown here on the 6mm Omega Chain.

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