Always Room For Another Dog – Art Glass Panel


This fused glass panel is part of our Dogs Collection of home decor. It measures 10″ x 8.75″.

The soulful hound and beautiful sentiment depicted on this glass panel make this piece something that will be cherished in any dog lover’s home, your own or the happy recipient’s.

Creating it was a 4-step process.
Choosing the Glass: Two sheets of clear glass were cut to the finished dimensions of the piece.
Creating the Image: The black and white design was printed on specialty transfer film using laser toner containing iron. The film was applied to a piece of clear glass and fired at 1350 degrees, the temperature at which the iron in the ink chemically bonded with the glass, and the transfer material burned off.
Painting the Design: After cooling, what had been black ink was now iron oxide (aka rust), and the lines of the image were sepia-colored.The sentiment was hand-lettered, and then enamel and mica paints were used to fill the letters and color the image.
Second Firing: When the paint was dry, the second sheet of clear glass was placed under the image and the two layers were placed in the kiln and heated to 1475 degrees, the temperature at which the two layers melted and fused together.

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in