Sri Yantra Engraved & Colored Tile


The Sri Yantra is a centuries old symbol, believed to hold the secrets of the universe within its sacred geometry. Each element of the Sri Yantra has a specific meaning and purpose. The central point is called the bindu. This is said to be the point where all of creation begins.The four triangles that point upward represent masculine energy and the five that point downward embody feminine energy. These nine interconnected triangles that surround the bindu symbolize how the universe and everything in it is interconnected. Intended as a meditation aid, it is also considered a symbol of good luck and abundance.

Engraved on a Glowforge laser cutter and hand colored. A sawtooth picture hook is affixed to the back. The tile measures 4″ x 4″.

Custom orders welcome. Let us transform your favorite images and/or text into one-of-a-kind engraved tiles. Contact us to learn more.

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Weight .8 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 3 in