Mosaic Art Glass Bowl 5″


This bowl is part of our Serendipity Collection of art glass home decor. It is 5″ diameter. Look closely and you will find much more depth and color than first meets the eye.

Creating it was a 7-step process. To start, a piece of black glass was hand painted with iridescent mica paint. This piece was then cut into small tesserae (tiles) and reassembled on top of a 5″ circle of white glass. The two layers were placed in an electric kiln and heated to 1475ºF, the temperature at which glass melts and the layers fuse together. After fusing, the edge of the circle was ground to eliminate irregularities and it was fired again, this time to 1425ºF, just hot enough to melt the edge and “fire polish” the rim. One more firing was required to transform it into a dish. To do this the flat, fused glass square was placed in the kiln on top of a mold and heated to 1250ºF. At this temperature the glass softened and gravity caused the square to sink into the mold and assume its final shape.

We hope you enjoy this versatile, one-of-a-kind, art glass piece. You can simply admire it on the plate stand we include with it or find a job for it. Use it to hold jewelry, change, or keys. Place a small candle or decorative soap in it. Use it to serve dips and small food items. Whatever you decide, it will be a beautiful complement to your home or an appreciated gift for anyone who enjoys fine things.

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Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 4 in