Graceful greyhound silver charm


Sight hounds are the most graceful of dogs, as we can see by the example on this silver charm, and the greyhound is the fastest and among the most ancient of them all. For centuries they were associated with the nobility, who valued their speed when hunting and their gentle temperaments at home. The early 1900’s saw the rise of commercial dog racing, but animal welfare concerns resulted in nearly all racetracks in the United States being closed by the 2020’s. Greyhounds have made a successful transition to life as family pets, a role that suits them well, and it is safe to say that they will continue to thrive in this role. To order a bracelet with this charm on it, select the chain option below or go to our Sterling Silver Chains section for more variety. Note: your handmade piece may vary slightly from the one pictured as no two are exactly alike.

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Charm Only, Charm with 7.5" Rolo Chain, $50