Stirrup Dish – Iridescent Silver Glass on Sparkly White Background


This bowl is part of our Stirrup Collection of equestrian art glass home decor. It is 10″ x 10″.

We hope you appreciate this one-of-a-kind art glass piece. As you can see from the pictures, the iridescent coating on the silver glass changes color as the light shifts, creating a constantly changing visual display. The white background is also iridescent. Flashes of color appear when the plate is viewed up close. This is a sophisticated piece of equestrian decor that will stand out in any home. As an art piece to enhance your own home, or as a gift for a special person or occasion, this unique and distinctive piece will please the most discerning equestrian.

Creating it was a 4-step process.
Glass Selection: First, a square of white glass was cut to the size of the finished piece. In addition, a piece of iridescent silver glass was chosen to create the tiles used in the mosaic.
Creating the Design: The stirrup design was drawn on the white glass using a stencil made on my laser cutter. The silver glass was then cut and glued in place to create the stirrup mosaic. After that, chunks of iridescent glass the size of rice (known as medium frit) were applied on top of the white glass.
Fusing in the Kiln: The assemblage was carefully placed in a kiln and heated to 1475 degrees, the temperature at which glass melts and the layers fuse together.
Shaping the Dish: At this point the piece was still flat. To create a bowl it was fired one more time. It was placed on a mold and heated to 1250 degrees (a process known as slumping). At this temperature the glass softens and gravity causes it to sink into the mold and assume its final shape.

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in