Iridescent Ivy Plate 6″


This bowl is part of our Botanical Collection of art glass home decor. It is 6″ x 6″.

This unique art glass dish looks good in any home. Flowers and plants never go out of style as a decorating motif! This versatile piece comes with a plate stand and is ready to simply be admired. Should you choose to put it to work, it is food safe and can be used to as a small serving dish. Either way, those who appreciate fine artisanal craftsmanship will welcome this versatile addition to their home, making it perfect for you or a thoughtful gift for a friend or family member.

Creating the dish was a 6-step process.
Glass Selection: First two squares of glass were cut to the dimensions of the finished piece, one iridescent khaki and the othe clear.
Creating the Design: Pieces of pressed, dry ivy were arranged on the kiln shelf and the khaki glass was carefully placed over it with the iridized side down. Then the layer of clear glass was placed on top of the khaki glass.
Fusing in the Kiln: The kiln was then heated to 1475 degrees. This is the temperature at which glass melts, and with the hot glass pressing down onto the ivy, the glass took on the texture of the leaves.
Surace Decoration: When the kiln cooled and the glass was removed the impression of the ivy leaves was visible but quite subtle, owing to how thin the plant material was. To create more visual interest, enamel glass paint was applied to the indentations of the leaves and stems of the plants.
2nd Firing: The piece was fired a second time to set the paint. At 1350 degrees, the paint permanently bonded to the glass and the colors matured to their deepest hues.
Shaping the Dish: At this point the piece was still flat. To make it into a dish it needed one more firing. It went back into the kiln for a third time, on top of a mold, and was heated to 1250 degrees. At this temperature the glass softened and gravity caused it to sink into the mold and assume its final shape.

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Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 4 in