Earthy Squares Art Glass Plate – 10″


This bowl is part of our Serendipity Collection of art glass home decor. It is 9″ x 9″.

We hope you enjoy the unique beauty of this hand-painted art glass dish – a perfect addition to any home. The vibrant colors and geometric design will seamlessly complement and elevate your home, providing a pop of color in a white-on-white theme and blending in with a more eclectic/traditional style. This versatility makes it a great choice as a gift for someone special who appreciates fine craftsmanship, or to keep for yourself.

Creating it was a 5-step process.
Selecting the Glass: This was a glass upcycling project that began when I found a stack of large, clear glass sushi plates at an estate sale and thought, “I can use those!”
Flattening the Glass: Every fused glass project begins with a flat piece of glass. In this case, the sushi dishes were curved but that was easy to fix. One at a time, they went into a kiln and were heated to 1250 degrees, the temperature at which glass softens but doesn’t melt. Left it that temperature long enough, gravity caused each dish to slowly flatten out onto the kiln shelf.
Preparing the Plate for Painting: Prior to decorating the flattened dish, it went through a preperatory step to increase the amount of paint that would stick to it. A thin coating of finely ground clear glass (known as powder frit) was sifted onto the surface and it was heated to 1400 degrees, which caused the frit to adhere to the glass but not melt into it. The result was a surface texure like sandpaper.
Decorating the Plate: > The surface decoration was created using a pallete of colored mica paints and a flat square brush. The paints were applied in a pattern of squares that completely covered the glass.
Setting the Paint: The glass was heated again, this time to 1375 degrees, the temperature at which the paint permanently bonds to the glass and matures to it’s deepest colors.
Shaping the Dish: At this point the glass was still flat. To shape it into a dish it was fired one last time. It went into the kiln on top of a mold and heated to 1250 degrees. At this temperature the glass softened and gravity causes it to sink to the mold and assume its final shape.

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 4 in